Dog Talk With.....Monique Juniper - Capable K9s Assistance Dogs

Dog Talk With........

We had a chat with Monique at Capable K9s Assistance Dogs about her business.

Why did you start your business?

In 2015 Capable K9s Dog Training was founded. It started out as just a small business training pet dogs here and there, but the need for trainers with specific assistance dog training skills and genuine compassion for people with a disability became apparent and I added assistance dog training, assessment and accreditation to the business. I decided to take my experiences of having been with 2 other assistance dog orgs as a client and design my policies and procedures around what support I wished I had when first starting out. Over the last 13 years I have provided community education about assistance dogs, advocacy for assistance dog handlers and lobbied the government in relation to matters pertaining to assistance dog handlers.


What do you sell?

I offer a competitively priced assistance dog training program for people with a disability or their carers to train their own assistance dog. I specialise in positive reinforcement based training.


Where do you sell?

All Capable K9s training lessons are one-on-one presented by via the Skype based training program I pioneered back in 2015. This program has been very successful and the fact you are able to access training from home via the internet has many benefits for people with a disability who may find traditional face to face training inaccessible. When you are accepted as a Capable K9s client I tailor a training program specifically to your circumstances and needs. I can be found online, or instagram @capablek9s or facebook as /capablek9s.


Tell me about your own dogs - and are they involved in the business?

My own dogs are the original Capable K9s. Luigi, my Italian Greyhound was the catalyst for putting me on this path 13 years ago, then he retired and Nikolai, my borzoi took over as my personal assistance dog.


What's the best thing about what you do?

I get to make a genuine positive difference in the lives of my clients. I know first hand the freedom and independence a trained assistance dog can provide, and the fact I'm able to help others obtain this fills me with all the warm fuzzy feelings. I see clients blossom, become more confident and have greater access to living a fulfilling life.


What was the last song that got stuck in your head?

Currently I have BeeGees Stayin' Alive in my head, Nikki and I were rocking out to it earlier today. He loves to sing and that's his favourite song!


What's the most recent photo on your phone?

The most recent pic on my phone is a picture of Luigi out sunbathing and looking very content.


Tea or coffee? Coffee is life! Decaf is blasphemy! Coffee doesn't count unless it's 500mls or larger!

Thanks to Monique for telling us about her business. If you have an assistance dog, and would like to improve your bond with some structured training, check out the website here.

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