Dog Talk With.....Starr Melville - Pawfect Creations

Dog Talk With........

We had a chat with Starr from Pawfect Creations to find out about her and the business.
Why did you start your business?
I started my business when I was in-between jobs and was looking for a hobby to pass the time, it was soon after that I realised I could try out selling my products online 
How long ago and how?
In the beginning I started making bowties for my own dogs because I thought it was super cute to see them dressed up, it was a bit of trial and error to start off, but I soon found what worked best for my business. 
I began selling bowties for dogs on Etsy in early 2019 but after getting a new job I put my business on hold for a while until corona came around and I had lots of time off work. This is when I realised that running my own business is what I wanted to do with my life, so in 2020 I quit my job and began again with all new Instagram content, new packaging, more products and my very own website! 
What do you sell?
Currently I sell dog bandanas, plush squeaky toys, fleece rope toys, bowties and my most popular product is my matching dog bandana and dog mum headband sets!
Everything is made by myself in my small office in Perth, I cut out the fabric to the correct shape and size, iron everything smooth and sew together! The fleece rope toys take the most time and effort as I use a square knot to create the braid tightly so it will not unravel when tugged on. 
Where do you sell?
Currently I sell my products online through my own website. I also have a small selection of stock for sale at Madame Ma's Doggie Daycare in West Perth  
Tell me about your own dogs - and are they involved in the business? 
I have two adorable senior pups Bozly and Lilly. Bozly is a 12 year old Beagle X Pug and he is the biggest sook in the world. Lilly is a 10 year old Pug X Cavalier and is super sassy. Both of the dogs get involved in the business and are sometimes models for my website or Instagram. They both definitely test the durability of all the products before I put them up for sale.
What's the best thing about what you do?
Having the freedom to be my own boss and to see all the happy customers receive their orders! I really believe that our pets are part of our family so when I see customers buying my items and spoiling their pets it just makes my heart so happy for all those beautiful pups! It's also a big bonus to be able to have a flexible schedule, which has come in handy alot these last few months as my husband and I are expecting a baby to join us next May, so it's been nice to take some time to myself when I'm not feeling the best and just focus on my health when I need to!
What was the last song that got stuck in your head? 
Hakuna Matata lol my husband and I were listening to a bunch of Disney songs and singing along to them and now I can't get it out of my head! 
What's the most recent photo on your phone?
A photo of my garden, we are in the middle of giving it a bit of a makeover and I have been taking some progress shots along the way 
Tea or coffee?
Definitely tea, I've never been a coffee person but I do love some English tea! 
Thanks to Starr for sharing some interesting things about her business. If you are interested in checking our her cute products, the website is here

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