Loyalty Wins Every Time


There is a strange compulsion to follow the US. Think Hallowe'en - trick or treat didn't exist in my childhood, Hallowe'en was just an excuse for stories about witches and ghosts.But in the past few years it has really taken off, and people found ingenious ways to celebrate this year to stay Covid safe.

BFCM is another such phenomenon. Black Friday started in US as a one day instore sale to celebrate Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday was then added as ecommerce became more popular.

Fast forward to today, and BFCM can be at least a week long, in some cases more. It has recently started to take hold here, with Australian businesses feeling they also need to join in.

WHY??? We don't have Thanksgiving. The logic is lost on  me.

BUT - Bonza Dog Treats values loyalty. We won't be running a BFCM sale this year, next year, or the year after.

What we will continue to do is encourage all of our customers to join our Pawsome Perks program, where you are rewarded for purchases, for leaving reviews, for tagging us when you post photos of your doggos enjoying their treats. 

Rather than having  a one day sale, we prefer to reward you through the year. All your purchases are  important to us, as a small store we do a happy dance every time we make a sale.

We can't compete on price with the big box pet stores. They can't compete with us when it comes to having a relationship with our customers, being able to give recommendations, knowing who are suppliers are, and supporting other Australian businesses. We do all those things so much better than they do.

And we genuinely thank each and every one of our customers for every order.


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