Two tasty treats for smaller dogs


Today we have added two tasty treats into store which are pawfect for the smaller doggos.

Veal tendon paddywack is just like it's big brother, beef paddywack, but is the mini version. Smaller pieces make this ideal for the smaller dogs. 

Pork Trotter Splits are also great for the smaller dog, who find a whole trotter too much for one sitting.

It can often be really difficult to maintain dental hygiene with smaller dogs, as many bones are too big for them, and giving large chunks of meat which they can tear is not practical when their meal portions are relatively small.

So finding a chew which is suitable can be something of a challenge. We think that these 2 options will help fill that gap, and the pork trotter splits are also great value.

As always at Bonza Dog Treats, these are 100% Australian meat, slowly air dried to maintain all the nutrition. There are no additives, no preservatives, no colouring and no sugar.

When you give one of these to your best mate, you can be sure they are getting a natural healthy treat. 

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