Our fish treats are sure to please even the fussiest dog. Green lipped mussels are sourced from New Zealand (they are not endemic to Australia), otherwise our products are 100% Australian.

Sourced from Far North Queensland, our fish treats are organic, sustainably sourced, wild-caught Australian fish. Certified SafeFood Queensland Accredited,


Is Fish Good For Dogs?



Fish is a healthy source of easily digestible protein. It is also an excellent souce of Omega 3 fats, which have the following health benefits

  • natural anti - inflammatory, great for seniors and for dogs with allergies
  • assist with healthy brain development in puppies
  • great for skin and coat health, especially good for dogs with intolerances to other proteins
  • heart health 
  • kidney health
  • ocular health

Fish is also a good source of calcium, particularly whole fish which are dehydrated with bones (eating these won't hurt your dog).

Fish can be rich in selenium, B vitamins such as niacin, zinc, iron and vitamin A. By including fish in your dogs diet, you are providing a broad range of nutrients.

By feeding dehydrated fish, you are also assisting with dental health. Chewing will loosen any plaque forming on the teeth, particularly if choosing Super Skin Rolls which are a very robust chew.

Finally, fish treats are generally lower in calories, making them a healthy choice, and allowing dogs who are watching their waistline to still enjoy a treat.


Why buy from Bonza Dog Treats?


Bonza Dog Treats is the home of the best natural Australian dog treats. Premium quality. No preservatives. No additives. Suitable for raw feeders. Available Australia wide, from Australian fisherman for Australian dogs.