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Mackerel Slivers

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Mackerel Slivers are a great nutritional treat for your pet. They are a small handy delicious little morsel that will have your dog (or cat) drooling. Our slivers are are so tasty they make an enviable training treat when you need genuine motivation from your dog. Rest assured that they are good for them too.

Mackerel is an oily fish which is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids. These have amazing health benefits for dogs. 

  • supports brain development, eye health and muscle development in puppies
  • reduces inflammation to assist with arthritis
  • boosts heart and kidney health. Omega 3 can reduce clots, improve vessel elasticity and lower blood pressure and blood fats
  • encourages the natural production of sebum oil which improves skin and coat

Mackerel is also rich in selenium, calcium and niacin (vitamin B6). 

Our mackerel slivers are sustainably sourced, wild caught Australian fish. They are an organic treat which is additive and preservative free. 

Air dried to remove all moisture and yet retain all the nutritional benefits of the fish, this is a healthy treat for your dog. All dogs will enjoy these tasty slivers, from tiny puppies to seniors who find the harder chews too much for them. 

These treats can also be broken up and used as training treats, or sprinkled over food for added nutrients.


Sold in 100g bags.

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