7 ways to keep your puppy safe this Christmas.

7 ways to keep your puppy safe this Christmas.

Christmas is a magical time - we bring out lots of cute decorations, trim the tree, and eat far too much.

We have Christmas lights, presents and things are moved around to make space for the tree and nativity setting. And don't forget the advent calendars, chocolate and lollies. Maybe an Elf on the Shelf too.

Whilst we are all rushing around, trying to take care of our usual work, plus all the extra that Christmas entails - shopping, carols, school events etc, puppy is maybe not getting quite so much attention. Left to his own devices, there are a lot of opportunities for mischief making!!

So how can you keep your puppy safe this Christmas?

1. Keep puppy away from the tree. The natural oils in a real tree can cause irritation if the puppy chews on it. If glass ornaments get broken, he could hurt his paws, or worse, he could try to eat the pieces. He might also try to have a little nibble at the cord for the lights - and if they are plugged in, that could be cause serious injuries. Keep puppy safe by setting up a playpen around the tree. OK, it won't look quite so pretty, but it will be safe.

2. Don't leave the presents where the pup can get to them. He'll think it's a fine game to start unwrapping before the big day - you, not so much. Put them in the playpen with the tree. Please be very careful with any toys that need button batteries - these are easily swallowed and can be lethal. 

3. Put the nativity setting put of pups reach. If he chews something, he could get a blockage, and even if he doesn't, you probably won't  appreciate his attempts to remodel it.

4. Keep the advent calendars and stockings out of reach. They often have lollies of some description in them, or chocolate, and that's not good for your pup to eat. If the treats are wrapped in foil, this could cause a blockage, especially in a small puppy - at best, you're likely to be in for a GI upset. No-one wants a puppy with an upset tummy, especially if it isn't housetrained yet!!

5. Don't feed pup your ham, it is high in soldium and fat, which can give him a really sore tummy. Chocolate can be fatal for a small puppy, so keep it out of reach and don't let the two legged kids share. In addition to the choking hazard, macadamia nuts can cause tremors, and loss of use of the back legs. Source : VetWest Animal Hospitals

6. Make sure he can't get in the bin. It will be full of stuff that smells a-maz-ing to your pup, so make sure he can't get in there.

7. Don't feed cooked bones - make sure he doesn't snaffle a chicken or turkey bone from an unattended plate.

Make sure you all have a magical Christmas - be sure to take lots of photos, have some great adventures, and only give your puppy healthy natural treats.  If you are still looking for a Christmas Present for your pup, our Puppy Chew Treat Bundle could be just what you need - and there's a gorgeous stocking too.

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  • Sylvia C.

    Great advice thank you, happy holidays! Loving your wonderful products

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