All the doggie people we know treat their dogs like a member of their family - we certainly do - and you are probably just the same.

You buy the best food you can, and you're looking for healthy treats - treats that will keep your dogs teeth clean, their coat nice and shiny and that taste great too.

You can trust our advice, Julie's Diploma in Canine Health & Nutrition gives an understanding which you won't find at the big box retailer.

The dehydrated meat and fish treats we sell are selected from quality Australian companies - we are proud members of the Australian Made campaign. It is important to us to support other Australian businesses, and we know our customers value that approach.

When you choose our meat and fish treats, you are choosing functional ingredient Australian treats, not just packaged here, but real Australian produce.

We do all the hard work for you, sourcing all our treats from Australian businesses supporting Aussie farmers and fishermen.

Bonza Dog Treats supply the best all natural healthy Australian dog treats. Raw, nutritious, wholefood air dried treats, absolutely no nasties. Treats that contribute to your dogs wellbeing, that you can be confident are exactly what they say they are.

Not all treats are created equally!

Our dehydrated meat and fish treats are single ingredient 100% Australian produce, other than the green lipped mussels which are sourced from New Zealand. They are slowly air dried to preserve nutritional value.

All our meat and fish treats are handpicked by a qualified canine nutritionist. They are species appropriate, functional ingredients, real meat and fish, not meat meal.

There are no preservatives, colours or sweeteners used in our treats, and as they are all 100% Australian, you can rest assured they haven't been chemically treated when imported.

These treats are especially suited to raw feeders, and our Moo Tubes and Beef Toe Nails can be used to add enrichment to mealtimes.

Many people do not realise that a lot of treats available for sale in Australia are packaged here, but the meat is imported. Many treats are imported from China, where quality control and animal husbandry are not comparable to our own standards.

By buying Australian treats, you are buying a quality product for your dog, and supporting Australian farmers and related businesses.

You may see glycerin included in the ingredients list of meat treats (and jerky) available in supermarkets and big box retailers. You can read more about this in our blog post here.

When you buy from us, you can be certain that all our dehydrated meat and fish treats are 100% Australian, 100% natural, 100% preservative free.

Our baked treats are just that - treats - but they still don't contain preservatives, additives, colours, sugar or flavouring.

They are made with human grade ingredients and a lot of love, just for you.

Our gourmet biscuits and baked treats are hand baked to order in NSW using locally obtained produce. We blend our own peanut butter using Australian peanuts, roast Australian pumpkin and sweet potato, and make our own nutritious bone broths using Australian meat and fish.

The only ingredients we use which are specifically for dogs are our icing and colours. These are obtained from specialist manufacturers and are formulated for dogs and are entirely natural.

Some of our baked treats are grain free, gluten free or vegan. 

We are committed to providing the best Aussie treats for your furry family member.

Yes, our raw meat treats are perfect for teething pups, allow you to redirect inappropriate chewing and encourage proper chewing habits.

Our Training Treats are tiny, so perfect for training behaviours with no risk of overfeeding.

We have our own Puppy Chew Bundle which contains a variety of treats which are suitable for puppies, and allow you to try several different treats without the need to purchase full size packs.

Our treats are presented in clear plastic stand up bags. These have two seals, a heat seal and a zipper seal to ensure the treats reach you in the best condition possible.These can be recycled at your nearest Redcycle facility - usually a major supermarket. They are also BPA free.

In addition to being recyclable, these bags fit perfectly with our ethos of being completely transparent. Nothing annoys me more than an overprinted bag where the contents are invisible - sure, they look prettier than our bags - let's be honest, dehydrated treats aren't pretty, but most of us want to see what we're buying. 

Our outer packaging varies depending on the size of the order. Plastic satchels can be recycled in your soft plastic recycling. Bubble mailers are recyclable in your kerbside recycling bins. We sometimes use cardboard boxes, and often use cardboard to protect items within satchels or bubble mailers. This cardboard is being recycled from the packaging our stock is delivered in.

The packing peanuts we use are made from cornstarch, they are biodegradable and dissolve in water. 

Yes! You can read all about our Pawsome Perks program here.


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Our baked goods are made to order and you should allow up to 5 working days for these to be prepared. 

We ask that our Birthday Boxes be ordered 14 days in advance wherever possible, to ensure that they reach you in time.

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Wherever you live in Australia, we can deliver.

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