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Himalayan Dog Chew - Churpi

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      Himalayan dog chews, or churpi as they are sometimes called, are a premium natural organic & healthy treat for dogs made using the authentic recipe of the Himalayas.

      What Is Churpi?

      It is a lactose-free premium grade dog treat made with grass-fed cow milk. It is a low fat, high protein dog treat, also known as Himalayan Dog Chew Or Yak Chew or Yaki.

      How Are The Himalayan Dog Chews Made?

      They are made using organic cows milk, which is pasteurized, coagulated and pressed. The end product is dried for a minimum of 30 days to deliver the best and most healthy dog chew. They are made using human grade ingredients. 

      Are Himalayan Dog Chews Healthy Dog Treats?

      They are a 100% natural & organic healthy dog treat with no preservatives or chemicals and they are extremely long lasting. These chews are gluten, lactose and grain free.

      They can improve the dental hygiene of your pet, as chewing helps to remove plaque and tartar.

      Are Himalayan Dog Chews Suitable For All Dogs?

      These organic chews are good for dogs of all sizes and ages. The chews are available in a range of sizes. Chews do not stain or splinter, and have minimal odour. These hard and long-lasting chews are the perfect treat to keep your dog happy and occupied for a while in a safe and natural way.

      What Can I Do With The Small Piece That Is Left?

      When your dog is reaching the end of the chew, rather than throwing away the small piece to remove the choking risk, you can pop the end into the microwave and cook on full power for around 40 seconds, followed by 10 second intervals, until it has puffed up like a huge cheesy puff. Your dog will love it!! Be sure to let it cool down for a few minutes before giving to your dog. Here's Hank about to enjoy his piece.


      Hank the stafford with a piece of himalayan dog chew that has been puffed in the microwave