Treats for Big Dogs

We all know that the big dogs make light work of most of the treats, so we've put together this collection which will last them longer than most.

Beef Toe Nails

Ever popular, always long lasting, not too hard on the wallet but they do smell a little....agricultural. Best taken outside for a chew.

Beef Paddywack

Incredibly long lasting, great value. One of our best sellers.

Camel Pizzle

Now that extra thick bully sticks are eye wateringly expensive, we've got this great alternative. Average weight 60 - 70g per piece.

Chewers Delight

A variety pack featuring a selection of the more popular chews - a cost effective way of finding out which is the chew of choice for your dog.

Himalayan Dog Chews

Long lasting, no smell, no mess, perfect for indoors when it's too cold and wet to be outside.

Queenfish Tail

Fishy goodness, your pup will love them, probably best eaten outside.

Roo Chops

A decent chew but can be a bit messy.

Shark Skin Rolls

Long lasting, they smell very fishy.

Training Treats - Cheese Puffs

Not long lasting. These are our big dog version of training treats. Something you can have on hand when doing training which can be fed quickly to reinforce positive behaviour.