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Treats for Training Your Dog/Puppy


      Pawsome natural Australian treats to reward your dog or puppy whilst training.

      Dog Training Treats

      All treats in this collection are perfect for training. 

      Our hand made training treats are teeny tiny flavour bombs making them very suitable for training a new behaviour where frequent marking is required, and limiting potential for over feeding.

      Do you have an anxious dog, and use LAT (look at that) frequently? Then these are perfect for you. They can be fed at a high rate of reward with minimal chance of overfeeding.

      Fussy dog? No problem. Our pyramid training treats are available in a wide range of seven delicious flavours - there is sure to be one to suit your dog with choices including cheese, liver, peanut butter and salmon.

      Sensitive tummy? No problem. Our training treats are a gluten free recipe suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs or skin allergies. 

      Got a giant breed? No problem. Our cheese puffs are a slightly larger treat, for the big boys and girls. Rest assured, the smaller dogs also enjoy them!

      Treats For Training Puppies

      Training a puppy using positive force free methods is heavy on the treats. Our hand made training treats are tiny morsels, perfect for puppy training. You can reward at a high rate to reinforce wanted behaviours without worrying about overfeeding your pup. 

      Have you seen our free download of Training Tricks? These can be taught to  dogs of any age, but are perfect for puppies who will definitely benefit from the mental stumulation of a short fun training session.

      DId you know that your active puppy will become very tired through mental stimulation? This is an excellent reason to schedule 1 - 2 minute training sessions throughout the day. Your growing puppy should have limited physical activity. Physical activity includes - going for a walk, training, playing fetch, running, playing with other dogs etc., as the bones are not fully grown and have yet to form proper joints. When you get your puppy home at 8 weeks, he only needs 10 minutes exercise each day.

      We have written a useful post about training a puppy. This covers the amount and type of exercise that is appropriate. Please take a couple of minutes to read this - there is so much more information available now about how exercise impacts the growth of your puppy and his future joint health.


      Bulk Training Treats

      We also offer our training treats in bulk bags for those with multiple dogs or those who train frequently. Choose from The Arch Bundle, which is all seven flavours of the pyramid shaped treats in one bag, or Pot Luck, which could be any flavour in any shape. Great for keeping things interesting for your dog.


      Happy Hens Make Tasty Treats

      Our ingredients are all locally sourced, and Australian where possible. The free range eggs we use are from Sunny Queen Farms in Queensland, which is owned by Australian farmers. The hens enjoy a maximum outdoor density of 1500 hens per hectare - most free range, and even organic eggs - range at a much higher density of 10000 hens per hectare. We believe that the more relaxed environment results in a better tasting egg, and that is why we choose Sunny Queen.