Treat Talk

Dogs Everywhere Are Barking About Beef Bully Sticks - Here's Why!
Beef bully sticks have become a favourite for many dogs, and in this guide, we'll explore why.
Why Don't Himalayan Chews Come From The Himalayas?
Read on to discover why we don't import Himalayan chews from Nepal.
Training Tricks
Some fun tricks for puppies and dogs, young and old.
Benefits of Feeding Furry Dog Treats
Discover the surprising health benefits of furry dog treats!
Low Fat Treats - Why They Are Important For Your Dog's Health
If you're looking for some healthy and delicious treat ideas for your dog, read on!
How Does Dental Health Affect Dogs?
Dental disease can have a significant impact on a dog's health and well-being. Read our post about the different ways in which health can be affected.
How Should I Take Care of My Dog's Teeth
Why dental health is important to your dog's overall health.
How To Make Pupcakes With 'Frosting'
Pawfect for barkdays and gotcha days. Delicious and nutritious gluten free pupcake recipe! Easy to make and sure to please, watch your doggo's tail wag with joy!
Biggest Health Benefits of Natural Dog Treats
Find out the 7 biggest health benefits of treating your dog with dehydrated Australian meat and fish treats.
What is Enrichment, and Why Do It?
Enrichment is any activity that can make life more interesting for your dog. It should be enjoyable, not difficult or frustrating.
What are Lickimats?
Lickimat is a brand of feeding mat, developed in Australia by vets. Read on for inspiration on enriching mealtimes for your dog.
So You Want To Get A Puppy - How To Choose THE ONE
So you've decided your family is ready for a puppy. Read our tips on how to choose the right fit for your family.
Be Prepared - What's In Your Doggy FIrst Aid Kit?
Do you know what your dog first aid kit should contain? Check our list to find out.
Glycerine in Dog Treats
Why do some dog treats have gycerine added?
The Importance of Exercise For Our Dogs
Exercise is so important for our dogs on several levels - their physical health, weight management and their mental wellbeing.
Dog Talk With.....Chris - Byron Paws
We had a chat with Chris about her business Byron Paws
Treats You Can Make At Home - Tuna Fudge
Check out our recipe for a healthy home made treat
Dog Walking - How To Stay Safe & Have Fun
Check out our tips for a stress free walk
Why Do Puppies Bite Part 4 - Overstimulated
There are several reasons why puppies bite, so let's break this down into "bite sized" pieces.ย 
Why Do Puppies Bite Part 3 - Teething
There are several reasons why puppies bite, so let's break this down into "bite sized" pieces.ย 
Dog Talk With .....Suellen Tomkins - Wild Heart Pets
We had a chat with Suellen about her business Wild Heart Pets