Our Story

Bonza Dog Treats was created to provide high quality pet treats to dog owners who want the best for their dogs.

Who We Are

I'm Julie, and I'm originally from UK, but now call Culburra Beach home. Sadly Bodie and Maz are no longer under my feet in the kitchen - but I am helped on a daily basis by Baldrick Beagle and Marvin the foster fail Amstador.

They are diligent taste testers, but that doesn't mean they don't sleep on the job sometimes.

How We Began

Way back in October 2008 we made the long journey from UK with Bodie Beagle and Maz the cat.


Bodie enjoyed a biscuit treat at bedtime, and when she went to her crate, but the brand we used to buy weren't available here, and we couldn't find any that weren't full of preservatives and additives.

So I started making biscuits for her, and developed a few different recipes. I shared them with other doggies and got great feedback about them.

When I started volunteering for a rescue in Sydney, I donated several kilos of biscuits every month to sell for fundraising, and they sold out every time.

I was still finding it difficult to find Australian meat and fish treats in major stores, and decided the best way to make premium treats accessible to everyone was to start a treat store focussed solely on Aussie products.

Bonza Dog Treats started trading in 2015 and 5 years later we are proud to have been selected as Finalists in the Illawarra and South Coast Business Awards 2020.


Why Choose Us?


When you give your dog a treat, it is a little reward. It may be given whilst training, as a reward for good behaviour or to keep your dog occupied.

But for whatever reason it is given, it is a treat. Something nice that your dog will enjoy. You don't give a treat thinking that it will make your dog sick, or see you rushing to the vet.

Of course you don't. You love your dog, you're doing something nice for him. But all too often, unsuspecting, loving dog owners are risking their dog's health and wellbeing when giving treats.

Have you ever given your dog a rawhide bone? They are so very far from a treat, it is scary. Read about why we won't sell rawhide here.

So how can you give your dog treats, and be confident that they won't make your dog sick? Buy Australian. Read labels. Make sure the meat and fish treats you are buying are just that - single ingredient treats made with Australian ingredients. Not just packaged here, but grown here.

We can help you with that. We do all the hard work for you, sourcing all our treats from Australian businesses supporting Aussie farmers and fishermen.

Bonza Dog Treats supply the best all natural healthy Australian dog treats. Raw, nutritious, wholefood air dried treats, absolutely no nasties.

About Our Treats

Our meat and fish treats are 100% Australian produce, other than the green lipped mussels which are sourced from New Zealand. The protein is air dried, slowly removing the water content of the best quality meat and bones. Nothing is artificial.

Our treats are real meat and bone, which is a healthy addition to pet diets. There are no preservatives, colours or sweeteners used in our treats, and as they are all 100% Australian, you can rest assured they haven't been chemically treated when imported.

These treats are especially suited to raw feeders, and our Moo Tubes can be used to add enrichment to mealtimes.

Our gourmet biscuits and baked treats are hand baked to order in NSW using local produce. We blend our own peanut butter using Australian peanuts, roast Australian pumpkin and sweet potato, and make our own nutritious bone broths using Australian meat and fish.

We understand the importance of natural, healthy and nutritious diets for pets as well as people. If you want to give your pet natural, healthy and nutritious treats, you have come to the right place.

Some of our baked treats are grain free, some are gluten free and some are vegan. Check out the descriptions of each, where this information is noted.

We are 100% committed to providing all natural preservative free treats.

Many people do not realise that a lot of treats available for sale in Australia are packaged here, but the meat is imported. Many treats are imported from China, where quality control and animal husbandry are not comparable to our own standards.

By buying Australian treats, you are buying a quality product for your dog, and supporting Australian farmers and related businesses.

You may see glycerin included in the ingredients list of meat treats (and jerky) available in supermarkets and big box retailers. Glycerin is added for two reasons. Firstly, it bulks the product up, meaning you get less meat for your money. Secondly, it is used as mould inhibitor. Many pet food manufacturers use glycerin derived from biofuel. The process leaves a significant amount of methanol, a poisonous liquid used in formaldehyde - not something you would choose to give your dog as treat!

When you buy from us, you can be certain that all our dehydrated meat treats are 100% Australian, 100% natural, 100% preservative free.

Choose Bonza Dog Treats and keep your best mate healthy from the inside out.