• The treats your dog would choose


The treats your dog would choose


Premium Australian dog treats. The treats your dog would choose.

Why Choose Us? Bonza Dog Treats Offer Healthy Natural Treats.

Bonza Dog Treats supply  all natural and healthy premium quality Australian dog treats. Raw, nutritious, wholefood air dried single ingredient treats, completely natural and healthy. 

Many people do not realise that a lot of treats available for sale in Australia are packaged here, but the meat is imported. Many treats are imported from China, where quality control and animal husbandry are not comparable to our own standards. By buying Australian treats, you are buying a quality product for your dog, and supporting Australian farmers and related businesses.

You may see glycerin included in the ingredients list of meat treats (and jerky) available in supermarkets and big box retailers. Glycerin is added for two reasons. Firstly, it bulks the product up, meaning you get less meat for your money. Secondly, it is used as mould inhibitor. Many pet food manufacturers use glycerin derived from biofuel. The process leaves a significant amount of methanol, a poisonous liquid used in formaldehyde - not something you would choose to give your dog as treat!

When you buy from us, you can be certain that all our dehydrated meat treats are 100% Australian, 100% natural, 100% preservative free. 

Bonza Dog Treats also supply hand baked treats suitable for special occasions or everyday treats. Hand made to order in NSW using locally sourced ingredients. All our baked treats are salt free, sugar free, and preservative free. The majority are also egg free. Grain free, gluten free and vegan options are available. 

Get that tail wagging with the treats your dog would choose.

Also available, custom made Paracord dog collars are made to order, available in a range of colours and styles.

We ship all over Australia, including PO Boxes, Parcel Lockers and RMBs using Australia Post.

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Product Reviews


Archie Bundle

Cathy Biddle on Jun 17, 2020

Both my dogs like these handy little treats. I always have some in my pocket on the off chance they will do something good!


Great size training treat

Glenda on Jun 09, 2020

These and the turkey are Roxy’s favourite training treats.
Would definitely buy bigger bags.


Pizza's here!

Kaz Gaisford on Apr 30, 2020

These smell so good I could eat them myself! The dogs loved them. They held together perfectly during postage and arrived intact which previous other pizza type snacks I ordered have not. Will certainly order these again.


Another hit from Bonza!

Georgia C on Apr 09, 2020

I bought the Beagles a bag of these as something different to try - as with everything they've ever tasted from the Bonza range these are another big hit. For us, they're the perfect size to reward those one-off behaviours (come inside instead of barking at the neighbour's dog, spit out the cat's toy before you choke on it, etc).



Samantha Shields on Apr 18, 2020

Yummy biscuits that are good for them. Not afraid to sneak them an extra one or two


Cheesey Goodness

Sundae & Mr Mumbles on Feb 16, 2020

Mum recently purchased the liver and cheese training treats for us. They are the perfect high value treat for encouraging good behaviour. Being small in size, it means mum can quickly treat us when we use our "good manners". Made from Australian produce and free of any nasties, they are the perfect treat to train your pups with.