Staffie being given a goat trotter from Bonza Dog Treats

Novel Protein Treats For Dogs


      Novel protein treats are great for dogs with allergies.

      What Are Novel Proteins?

      Novel proteins are generally regarded as being proteins which are not commonly available in commercial pet foods. As the dog hasn't previously been exposed to them they are unlikely to be an allergen.

      Which Animals Are Novel Proteins?

      Proteins usually considered to be novel proteins include rabbit, goat, wild boar, crocodile, venison, duck, emu, bison, quail.

      What Are The Benefits of Feeding Novel Proteins?

      Because the dog hasn't previously eaten these, they are very unlikely to provoke a reaction. The treat can be fed with little likelihood of it upsetting the dog. 

      In dogs with severe food allergies which cause skin issues, it may be necessary to follow a novel protein diet for some months whilst the trigger is established. Although this is not a quick fix, it is - in my opinion - far preferable to trying to manage the condition with drugs, monthly injections etc, which in themselves may have long term health implications. 

      What Novel Protein Treats Do You Sell?

      At the moment we have camel, wild boar, goat, venison, duck and crocodile in stock.