Puppy with shark cartilage treat Bonza Dog Treats

Treats for Puppies


      Whether your puppy is large or small, we have treats to suit.

      Puppies come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their treats. Some of the treats in this collection are more suitable for bigger breed puppies. Other treats, such as chicken necks are suitable for puppies of any size. 

      Puppy Training

      Training is an integral part of puppy ownership, and we have a range of hand baked treats which are perfect. They can be used to reward good behaviour and as part of your enrichment activities. The treats are tiny so zero chance of over feeding, but they are still eagerly received.

      If your puppy eats kibble, you might wonder why you can't just use that for training. The simple answer is you can, but when you are trying to encourange good choices. something higher value than the food your pup is already eating 3 times each day is likely to produce better results.


      We have some great chews to help your puppy with the discomfort associated with teething. Using appropriate chews is likely to result in less destructive behaviour - puppy is chewing to relieve discomfort, not to make you mad, so help them by giving an appropriate chew such as small bully sticks.

      Once your puppy has adult teeth, Himalayan chews are suitable, but we don't recommend these for puppies under 4 months.