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Best Sellers


      Our most pawpular products - these are the treats we sell every day.

      Our best sellers collection has a treat for every dog.

      Training Treats

      Buy our ever pawpular training treats, The Arch Bundle and Pot Luck, and you will always have a few tasty treats in your pockets to reward good behaviour. Our cheese puffs are very tasty, loved by big and small dogs alike, but created especially for the larger dogs to have a training treat large enough to enjoy.

      Gourmet Biscuits

      Our gourmet biscuit variety pack is just like those tins of biscuits you used to get at Christmas - but without the tin and the hefty price tag. Get a taste of some, most or all of our biscuit varieties, and there will probably be some cute shapes included as well as our standard bones.

      Himalayan Dog Chews

      From the tiniest puppy to the greatest Dane, there is a chew to suit every dog. Perfect for the winter months as these are no mess, no odour so no problem to have indoors.

      Chicken Jerky

      There are few dogs who don't enjoy chicken jerky, placing it firmly in our list of best sellers.

      Puppy Chew Bundle

      With a great selection of chews to keep a puppy entertained, this variety pack is always popular whilst new owners get to know their pup and it's likes and dislikes.

      Roo Ears Fur On

      A firm favourite with raw feeders, feeding furry treats is a great gut cleanse for every dog.