Beagle with a fugly treat from the Bonza Dog Treats fugly & fomo collection

Fugly & FOMO


      This collection is the Bonza way of helping your dollar go a little further.

      Fugly (flippin' ugly) treats could be anything that we usually stock, but it doesn't look so great - maybe the treat was in the drier a little longer than normal, or the trimming isn't as good as normal.

      This is also where we put the mega sized treats that don't fit into our normal sizing ranges - so if you have a large or giant breed dog,or an aggressive chewer, this is a great place to sniff out some huge treats.

      FOMO (fear of missing out) treats are one offs - get them while you can. These are either treats we don't usually sell, which suppliers only have in limited quantity, or treats which won't be restocked.

      Either way, you can be sure that the treats are Australian meat and fish, and they are great quality at a great price.