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Baked Dog Treats


      Pawsome hand made dog treats, baked to order in NSW. 

      Where Are Your Baked Dog Treats Made?

      Our baked treats are all hand made to order in New South Wales using the finest locally sourced ingredients. 


      Do You Use Australian Ingredients?

      We use Australian produce whenever it is possible to do so. We check labels carefully to ensure that produce is actually grown in Australia as well as being packed here. 

      All our ingredients are locally sourced, and our treats are free from preservatives, artificial colours, sugar and salt.

      Are The Ingredients Safe For Dogs?

      We use human grade ingredients for all our baked goods - and whilst you could eat them, leaving out salt and sugar means they are much better for our dogs, but don't really tickle the human tastebuds.

      Our decorations are all specially formulated for dogs, not humans.

      Please note that carob and yogurt used in decoration may be affected by heat or humidity in transit. We have no control over how long products take to reach you, or the conditions in which they are conveyed, so would remind you to consider the weather whn placing an order particularly if you are outside NSW. 

      Do You Make Dog Biscuits?

      We bake a range of bone shaped biscuits in many delicious flavours, including chicken, peanut butter, turkey, cheese and carrot. 

      We have recently added a couple of specialty biscuits to our range. These are an anti-inflammatory superfoods biscuit packed with organic ingredients specifically chosen to aid in the joint health of our senior dogs, and a minty fresh breath biscuit packed with mint and parsley for the doggos who aren't brushing twice a day,

      Are Any Of Your Baked Treats Suitable For Special Occasions?

      Birthday/gotcha day boxes available containing a selection of baked treats and are also available with an optional birthday bandana. 

      We also offer a range of treats including choc tops,  woofscotti and doggie donuts.