Training Tricks

Training Tricks

Here at Bonza Dog Treats, we have put together a free downloadable PDF of 6 tricks that you can easily teach your dog at home, with no equipment other than a supply of tasty training treats.

All of these tricks can be taught to a pooch of any age, from puppies through to seniors. 

One of the tricks is so useful, you can even use it to help with recall - and we all know how difficult getting a reliable recall can be. Hands up who hasn't stood calling their canine terrorist for what seems like hours, whilst the dog demonstrates their awesome selective hearing.

Now, this definitely isn't an obedience training sheet, these are all fun tricks you can learn. But there are times when these tricks do translate into some really useful skills to have up your sleeve. As an example, teaching your dog to lay down and roll over can help if you - or the vet - need to check them over.

We all want our pups to be happy to learn, and tricks can help with getting into a training mindset. If it helps turn your dog into a model canine citizen, it's a huge win. 

Puppies will definitely benefit from the mental stimulation of a 1 - 2 minute training session. Did you know that for your puppy, mental stimulation is more tiring than physical exercise?

So in those early months, when physical exercise is limited for health reasons, training is a win/win situation, teaching your dog valuable skills and using up that puppy energy in a positive way.

See our blog post here about the right training and exercise to enable your puppy to grow strong healthy bones.

Get your free PDF download and in no time your dog will be showing off all his new skills. Don't forget, you need lots of treats to encourage your dog - humans don't work for nothing, and we shouldn't expect our dogs to do so either. 

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  • Lorie Parker

    I am excited to teach my pup these new tricks.

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