What are Lickimats?

What are Lickimats?

Lickimat is a brand of feeding mat, developed in Australia by vets.

Why choose Lickimat?

Lickimat was developed in Australia, by an Australian company, with assistance from veterinarians. 

Benefits of Lickimat

  • Entertaining
  • Slows down eating
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Improves oral health
  • Small amounts of food can be spread over a large area

Features of Lickimat

  • Vet developed
  • Easy clean up 
  • Freezer safe
  • Microwave safe
  • BPA free


All Lickimat products are sustainable, using non toxic rubber, with zero waste. All offcuts and rejects are reused in the manufacturing process.

Cardboard is used for product packaging, and shipping cartons are reused to minimise waste.

All Lickimat products are recyclable. 

Wide range of products

Lickimat have a wide range of products for both dogs and cats to suit all sizes and feeding styles. 

The Classic range for dogs has 3 different textures, depending on whether you want to include liquids, separate food from treats, or encourage licking.

The Tuff range for dogs features the same 3 textures but the mat is set in a sturdy frame. It's not indestructible (what is?) but it's the better choice for a chewer or puppy.


The Slomo range for dogs allow wet, dry, raw and liquids to be placed on the same mat. 

The Wobble is a bowl - like the Slomo wet, dry, raw and liquids can be fed from the bowl. It is also perfect to freeze layers of liquids, purees etc for a long lasting summer treat. It won Feeding Accessories Product of the Year in the 2021 Pet Innovation Awards.


The Splash is an innovative product with suction cups, perfect for distracting your hound whilst you are grooming or clipping nails.

There is a smaller but similar range available for cats.

We are very excited to add Lickimat products into our store, and will be sharing more information and recipes in the future.

Our range will be limited at the outset, but we hope to expand to include more styles as time progresses. 

Please comment below if you have any questions about Lickimats. You can find all our Lickimats here

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