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Grain Free Dog Treats

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      Hand made grain free dog treats baked to order in NSW.

      We have a growing range of grain free dog treats to meet the needs for those dogs who are allergic to grains, or who have sensitive skin or can be prone to upset tummies.

      All the treats in our hand baked training treats range are grain free. WIth a very wide range of flavours, including meat, fish, cheese and peanut butter, there is sure to be something to tempt even the fussiest eater. 

      It is thought that dogs sometimes have trouble digesting grains as their saliva lacks the enzyme necessary to start the process of breaking the grain down. There has also been some research into whether a completely grain free diet is healthy, as there have been links between heart issues and some ingredients in some grain free foods. It should be noted that this research originates in USA, and there are no reported cases in Australia at this time (May 2020). You can read more here. This research centres around dogs who are fed a wholly grain free diet.

      We will continue to offer a range of grain free treats. For those who normally eat grains in their diet, there is no evidence whatsoever that eating grain free treats occasionally causes any health issues.