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Treats for Dogs that Chew


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      Why Is Chewing Good For Dogs?

      Chewing is normal behaviour for puppies and dogs who use their mouths to explore.

      Puppies may chew to relieve the pain of teething. For adult dogs, chewing keeps teeth clean and helps keep jaws strong.

      For both puppies and dogs, chewing is an excellent enrichment activity, helping to keep boredom at bay, and relieving anxiety.


      Does My Dog Enjoy Chewing?

      Yes, your dog REALLY enjoys chewing. It's a relaxing activity that makes him feel good. If you used chew toys and treats to redirect unwanted puppy behaviour, it will also have built up a positive association - when pup stopped whatever they were doing, and took the chew, the verbal praise which you gave will still be remembered.


      What are the best chew treats for dogs?

      Some of the best chew treats for dogs are bully sticks, paddywack and beef toe nails (cow hooves). We've even put together a variety pack of chews for your dog so they can try lots of different chews to see which they like best. 

      We have also put together a puppy chew bundle featuring the best chews for puppies.


      Can Dogs Have Bones?

      Yes, your dog can have RAW bones. However, they should not be weight bearing bones, as these are too hard and may cause a painful slab fracture of one or more teeth.

      Safe bones to feed include chicken frames and necks, turkey necks, lamb necks, brisket bones, ribs, roo tail. 

      Air dried bones are safe to feed as the bones are dehydrated very slowly to preserve nutrients.

      Cooked bones should NEVER be fed to dogs - cooked bones can splinter causing internal damage, a lot of pain and big vet bills. Smoked bones fall into this category - they are not safe and we don't sell them.


      Is it safe to give rawhide to chew?

      ABSOLUTELY NOT - see our blog post here about why rawhide is dangerous.