Minty Fresh Biscuits

Minty Fresh Biscuits

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We all love our dogs, but sometimes their breath can be - let's be honest - gross. 

They might eat raw fish, poop, decomposing birds or old bones they dug up from last year. And unlike us, they don't spend 2 minutes twice a day brushing.

Now, we can't promise these minty fresh biscuits will leave them smelling like they've just had a good workout with Oral B and Colgate, but they will not smell quite so disgusting.

These biscuits are packed with mint and parsley which are both excellent natural breath fresheners. Did you know that both these herbs also have many other health benefits

  • mint aids digestion and is an excellent natural remedy for nausea
  • mint is an anti-inflammatory
  • mint and parsley both have anti-bacterial properties
  • parsley is rich in many nutrients, particularly vitamin K
  • parsley is rich in antioxidants
  • parsley supports bone health
  • parsley supports ocular health

To ensure as many doggos as possible can benefit from these mini bone shaped biscuits, they are also gluten free and virtually fat free.

Sold in 100g bags.

Whilst stocks last, you can add this fresh breath tug toy to your order for half price.

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