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Beef bully sticks have become a favourite for many dogs, and in this guide, we'll explore why.
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How To Make Pupcakes With 'Frosting'
Pawfect for barkdays and gotcha days. Delicious and nutritious gluten free pupcake recipe! Easy to make and sure to please, watch your doggo's tail wag with joy!
Biggest Health Benefits of Natural Dog Treats
Find out the 7 biggest health benefits of treating your dog with dehydrated Australian meat and fish treats.
Glycerine in Dog Treats
Why do some dog treats have gycerine added?
Treats You Can Make At Home - Tuna Fudge
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My Dog Has Allergies - Will Natural Dog Treats Help?
ย  Signs of allergies ย  Does your dog scratch a lot? Does your dog lick and chew his paws? Do his ears smell? Is his skin inflamed, crusty, dry and flaky? Maybe he vomits regularly? Is gassy?ย  If the answer...
A Refreshing Summer Treat For Your Dog
Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? They certainly can. Most dogs love watermelon, and it's a great thirst quenching treat for them on a hot summers day. Watermelon is actually a really healthy treat to give to your dog,ย but don't let them...
What is Paddywack?
All about paddywack
What Treats Can My Puppy Eat?
A quick rundown of treats which are safe for your puppy
Bully Sticks - What Are They and Why Are They Expensive?
Bully sticks are dehydrated meat treats, sometimes known as pizzle. They are the penis of bulls or steers, and although they are somewhat of a delicacy in some Asian cultures, they are generally considered to be an animal by-product.
Is shark cartilage good for dogs?
Why should you add shark cartilage into your dogs treat selection?
The importance of checking dog treat labels - and how to avoid problems
There cannot be a person in Australia, not even those who never venture out of the cities, who are not aware of the devastation that drought has caused to our farmers, particularly cattle farmers. The dreadful bushfire season in NSW,...