The importance of checking dog treat labels - and how to avoid problems

The importance of checking dog treat labels - and how to avoid problems

There cannot be a person in Australia, not even those who never venture out of the cities, who are not aware of the devastation that drought has caused to our farmers, particularly cattle farmers. The dreadful bushfire season in NSW, Victoria and Queensland this summer, followed by a flooding event, has further impacted them.

You have probably noticed less availability at the butchers and supermarkets, and some pricing adjustments, which reflect the reduction in Australian cattle going to market.

Unfortunately, this impacts pet foods also, and most noticeably the dehydrated treats such as beef ears and bully sticks. 

None of our usual suppliers have been able to source beef ears from Australian cattle, and are all stocking South American produce at the moment. This led to us following up some other suppliers, and frankly, we were disappointed in what we found.

We thought we had struck gold when we found beef ears online with the Aussie flag logo, proudly stating Australian stock. But we don't take anything at face value here, and asked the question "Are these from Australian cattle". How disappointing to be told they came from South America! Even though the way the product was marketed clearly implied that this was an Aussie product.

We continued our hunt, and are happy to tell you that we took delivery of 2 cases of Australian beef ears this week. Not quite as large as our last delivery, and price has increased slightly, but this is to be expected at the moment. 

We are also very happy to report that we have secured a further delivery of thick bully sticks - the quality is excellent and each stick weighs around 50g.

The moral of this story. When you are buying meat treats for your doggos, read the labels carefully. Not just packed in Australia, but 100% produce of Australia. Ingredients, 100% meat.

Be wary of online advertisers, particularly on eBay, where the Aussie flag and store name lull you into a false sense of security. Always make sure the meat is Australian, and you can be sure you are giving your pup the best there is.

All dehydrated meat treats at Bonza Dog Treats are 100% Australian meat, 100% natural, 100% preservative free.

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