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Weimeraner with himalayan yak chew from Bonza Dog Treats in his mouth
Paddington Beagle enjoying a himalayan dog chew from Bonza Dog Treats
Sky the blue cattle dog with Bonza Dog Treats himalayan chew

Himalayan Dog Chews

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Himalayan dog chews are also known as churpi or yak milk chews. Sold individually. 


    These are healthy all natural organic dog chews, made using the authentic Himalayan recipe. This is a super hard cheese treat, suitable for the chewers out there. 

    Using milk from grass fed cows, these are high protein, low fat chews (less than 2% per 100g) that don't smell. They are gluten, lactose and grain free. 

     Like all our treats, they are free from preservatives, additives and chemicals. 

    These chews are excellent for dental hygiene, helping to fight plaque and tartar.

    These chews come in a range of sizes to suit all dogs. Whilst there is no problem with upsizing if your dog is a heavy chewer, smaller sizes should not be given. 

    They will also help to alleviate the discomfort of teething.

     Weight of Dog Size of Chew Weight of Chew Length of Chew
    Under 7kgs              S  30 - 50 g  9 - 10 cm
    7 - 15 kgs             M  50 - 80 g  12 - 14 cm
    15 - 25 kgs              L  80 - 110g  15 - 17 cm
    25 - 35 kgs             XL  110 - 140g  16 - 17 cm
    Over 35 kgs             XXL  140 - 170g  16 - 17 cm


    Health Benefits

    • Improves overall oral health; teeth and gums.
    • Reduces bad breath.
    • Improves mental health and alleviates boredom.
    • Provides necessary protein, carbohydrates and low in fat.
    • 100% Natural. 
    • All the lactose and gluten are removed, ensuring the treat is digestible for all.


    Sold individually. 

    When your dog is reaching the end of the chew, rather than throwing away the small piece to remove the choking risk, you can pop the end into the microwave and cook on full power for around 40 seconds, followed by 10 second intervals, until it has puffed up like a huge cheesy puff. Your dog will love it!! Be sure to let it cool down for a few minutes before giving to your dog.

  • Organic cow milk

  • Produce of Europe

  • These photographs should act as a guide to the product only. 

    All of our products are natural dog treats. Therefore each treat is unique and will vary in size, shape & colour. 

    Always feed under supervision. Intended for use as a pet treat only not a complete meal. Ensure clean, fresh water is available. 


    Please store in an airtight container a cool, dry place.

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