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Snuffle Balls

For Enrichment Beginners

"He loved it and you could vary the difficulty based on how ‘deep’ you put the treat"

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Snuffle balls - 3 sizes to suit every dog.

  • Small - 12cm
  • Medium -16cm
  • Large - 20cm

Our snuffle balls are hand made in NSW Australia by a micro business. Made with quality polar fleece, the range of sizes means there's one to suit every dog.

Snuffle balls are a pawsome enrichment activity, and provide plenty of mental stimulation whilst your dog sniffs out the treats hidden within the folds.

It's no secret that our training treats are pawfect for these balls, but you can also use small pieces of jerky, kibble, air dried food or even pieces of apple or carrot.

By placing the treats further towards the centre of the ball, they are unlikely to fall out, and the puzzle becomes more challenging. 

Keep your dog busy doing what he's hard wired for - sniffing - and see the benefits. 

Our snuffle balls are made in a range of colours. None of the balls contain garish colours, or jarring colour combinations. You will receive a random choice from our variety of colour combinations.

Your snuffle ball may be washed by hand in cool water.

Please remember this is not a chew toy - your dog should be supervised when using the snuffle ball. Please remove the ball once all treats have been found. We don't recommend using these for big chewers.

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for a tornado dog

Traditional snuffle mats didn't go down well with our pup, as she quickly realised she could pick them up and throw them around to release the treats! Well, turns out a ball designed exactly for that purpose was exactly what we needed. Now she can throw her snuffle ball around with abandon.


I’ve had a few snuffle mats before that my boy seemed to like but thought I’d try something different, he loved it and you could vary the difficulty based on how ‘deep’ you put the treat

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