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Biggest Health Benefits of Natural Dog Treats

Why are natural treats better for dogs? There are many reasons that treating your dog with natural Australian dog treats is beneficial for his overall health as well as his mental health.

What about frequency? Is it ok to give your dog a treat every day? Yes, provided you take that treat into account when calculating his daily food allowance - otherwise you risk your dog becoming overweight. This is another important reason natural treats are better - you are not using up the daily allowance with the doggie equivalent of potato chips (or crisps depending where you hail from) or doughnuts.

High-quality protein content

One of the main benefits of dehydrated Australian meat and fish treats is their high-quality protein content. These treats are made from top quality Australian meat and fish, providing your dog with the essential nutrients they need for strong muscles and a healthy body. The high-quality protein in these treats also supports healthy joints, improves digestion, and boosts your dog's overall health. Read more about why protein is important for your dog's health here.


Another benefit of dehydrated Australian meat and fish treats is that they are natural and preservative-free. These treats are made without any added preservatives, additives, colours or flavours ensuring that your dog is only consuming healthy and natural ingredients. Awareness about reading labels and deciphering ingredient lists has made us much better at watching what we eat ourselves, and we can apply the same principles to our doggos treats too. 

Single origin

Purchasing single origin treats is particularly important for dogs with food sensitivities, as popular soft treats such as the beef strapz that "dogs go wacko for" often contain common allergens like wheat, soy, and corn, together with preservatives, antioxidants, colours and sugar. Giving poor quality treats on a daily basis is the doggo equivalent of eating Maccas (or potato chips, or doughnuts) every day.

Improved joint health

Treats containing glucosamine and chondroitin can help support your dog's joint health, reducing the risk of arthritis and other joint issues as they age. You can read more about the benefits of these naturally occurring compounds here. Shark cartilage and green lipped mussels are both packed with glucosamine and chondroitin. You can read all about the benefits of shark cartilage here.

Better skin and coat health

Natural treats containing Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E can help improve the appearance of your dog's skin and coat, reducing dryness and promoting a healthy, shiny appearance. All our seafood treats are rich in Omegas which will keep coats healthy and glossy.

Better oral health

Chewing on dehydrated meat and fish treats can reduce plaque buildup, promoting healthy teeth and gums. Read our post about the importance of dental health here.

Better behaviour

Chewing is a naturally soothing activity, reducing anxiety and boredom and promoting better behaviour through the release of endorphins. Most dogs enjoy nothing more than settling down for a good chew. Keep them happy with a tasty healthy  treat - see our collection of treats for dogs that chew here.

Choosing single origin Australian dehydrated meat and fish treats will help promote a longer and healthier life for your doggo - why choose anything less?

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