Is shark cartilage good for dogs?

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Is shark cartilage good for dogs? The short answer is yes, yes and YES.

Shark cartilage is an amazing treat for your dog. Our shark cartilage is Australian produce, an organic low fat teeth cleaner.

Bonza Dog Treats shark cartilage 

It is also incredibly low in calories, as it is not organ or muscle meat, so is perfect for doggos who are watching their weight.

Shark cartilage is packed with chrondroitin and glucosamine which are two of the major ingredients found in joint supplements, making it an excellent choice for senior dogs.

It is also jam packed with Omega fatty acids, which are excellent for heart health,  reducing inflammation and giving a nice shiny coat.

Shark cartilage is a great source of calcium, great for raw feeders who aren't comfortable feeding bone to incorporate calcium into the diet.

Whilst it's benefits are obvious for our senior dogs, it shouldn't be overlooked as a great treat for puppies. Teething puppies need to chew, and shark cartilage is an excellent choice, particularly if you'd prefer that pair of Jimmy Choos remain unchewed - or is that unchood?

When you choose shark cartilage, you are buying a completely natural Australian treat. 


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