What Treats Can My Puppy Eat?

What Treats Can My Puppy Eat?

What Dog Treats Are Good For Puppies?

You've just picked up your puppy. It's such an exciting time. You've been planning all the fun things you will do, and you've bought the comfy bed, set of bowls, cute collar and lead and a box full of toys. Hope you didn't forget poo bags!!

And now you're wondering what treats you can give him. What will be good for him, not upset his tummy, help with his teething - so many things to thing about.

Which Treats Are Safe for Puppies?

Well you can rest assured that anything found in our store is safe. All our treats are Australian, natural, preservative free and healthy. If you do go to the big box pet stores, remember to check the country of origin. Just because it was packed here and has a big Aussie flag on the bag doesn't mean it's Aussie produce. There are treats being imported from China which could make your puppy ill, so look at the labels carefully.

Secondly DON'T BUY RAWHIDE. Yes, I'm shouting at you because I want you to remember this. Don't buy it. It's disgusting stuff, it makes dogs sick, and if you want to know more, read our blog post about it here.

Will Treats Upset My Puppies Tummy?

Some meat treats like roo might be a bit rich for your puppy, so they are best left until he's a bit older. I'd also recommend leaving the really hard treats such as antlers, cow hooves, goat horns until the adult teeth are through

How Often Can I Give Treats?

Your puppy is adorable. He looks at you with those puppy dog eyes, your heart melts, and all your good intentions fly out of the window! Try not to get too carried away with giving treats. Keep them for a specific purpose - rewards whilst training, or to redirect chewing to an appropriate item.

Which Treats would You Recommend for A Puppy?

We would recommend some treats which are easy for a puppy to chew on, to relieve the discomfort of teething. These are our top 7 puppy chew treats

These are all good healthy treats that you can use to help your pup when he wants to chew.  And let's be honest, they all taste better than your shoes, so it won't be a hard choice for pup to make.

When you are working on training, you will want small treats which you can easily give - our range of handmade training treats are perfect for this. To make life even simpler for you, we've put together a puppy treat bundle, which you can find here. This variety pack includes 6 of our top 7 puppy chew treats, and some of our training treats.

Enjoy life with your new best mate - work on training together to form an unbreakable bond, and treat him like one of the family. Because he is.

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