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Beef Bully Sticks (Small)

For Puppies & Small Dogs

"Roxy loves these so I purchased extra to give some to my daughter for her dog."

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  • Pawfect for small dogs and puppies
  • 100% Australian beef, single origin, no preservatives
  • Assists with dental hygiene - chewing dislodges plaque and tartar
  • High protein, low fat 
  • Fully digestible
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    Indulge your small dog or puppy with a treat that's just their size - our small bully sticks offer the ideal chew.

    Each stick,...


    Indulge your small dog or puppy with a treat that's just their size - our small bully sticks offer the ideal chew.

    Each stick, approximately 120mm in length, boasts a one-of-a-kind appearance, reflecting their natural origins in size, shape, and color.

    Sourced exclusively from 100% Australian steer penis, our small beef bully sticks are a testament to quality. Let's set the record straight: bully sticks are unequivocally penis, in contrast to some alternatives masquerading as bladder sticks. Zero additives or preservatives ensure a pure and healthy treat, differentiating them from certain imported counterparts.

    The benefits extend beyond taste. These treats actively contribute to your dog's oral health, promoting cleaner teeth and gums through consistent chewing. Packed with high-quality protein, they provide a smart protein boost without the unwanted fat.

    Digestibility and durability combine, ensuring a safe and fulfilling chew - a far cry from rawhide chews derived from tanning industry discards (see our blog post), which lack full digestibility.

    Discover our small bully sticks within the Puppy Chew Bundle and Bush Tucker collection for small/medium dogs.

    With packaging options ranging from 250g bags to 1kg bags, finding the perfect portion is a breeze.

    For bigger appetites, explore medium, thick, jumbo, and mega beef bully sticks. Our size offerings cater to dogs of all appetites.

    Join the ranks of delighted Australian dog owners who love our products. 

    Packaged in a pouch equipped with a zip seal, heat seal, and dessicant pack, these bully sticks are ready to deliver satisfaction.

    And don't forget to check out our other beef treats for dogs here as well.


    Product of Australia


    These photographs should act as a guide to the product only. 

    In the case of a variety pack, it may occasionally be necessary to substitute an item in the event of stock shortage - the replacement will always be another treat of similar or higher value.

    All of our products are natural dog treats. Therefore each treat is unique and will vary in size, shape & colour. 

    Where pack sizes are shown as weights, these are as accurate as possible given the treats are natural products - it is sometimes not possible to be exact.

    Our natural dog treats are dehydrated to retain nutrition. They are free from any additives or preservatives.

    Please note that natural treats can be odorous. Whilst we can guarantee that your dog will love the smell, you may not. Strong odour does not indicate any issue with quality or freshness.

    Always feed under supervision. Intended for use as a pet treat only not a complete meal. Ensure clean, fresh water is available. 

    Please store in an airtight container a cool, dry place.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Elaine H. (Gold Coast, QLD)
    Beef Bully Sticks - small

    Best bully sticks I've found, like the thick ones these lasted for over 2 hours for my small dog. I prefer these for teeth cleaning over anything else. Great product.

    Kate H.
    These Bully Sticks are a lifesaver

    My Cavoodles favourite chew. She literally jumps for joy when I pull one out. They take her about 30mins to an hour to get through but she’s a tough chewer. These will always be a staple in our house ❤️

    Paws up from Miss Fussy

    Georgie couldn't get hold of her bully stick fast enough she even cried over it. She's such a fussy miss and we've given away so many of her other rejects to friend's dogs it was great to see her enjoy these. She's only small and takes a couple of days to get through them but there's no way she giving them away

    So happy to hear you've finally found something that Georgie enjoys, thanks for your review.

    100% satisfaction

    Bailee Beagle knows when she hears the coffee being made it’s time for morning tea :)
    She’s 12.5 years old and has never had the need for dental cleaning. I think we can thank her daily Bonza Bully stick for her healthy teeth & gums :)

    Bailee is a lucky girl - thank you so much for your review

    Great bully sticks!

    Archer hasn't really found a bully stick that he liked. Always hid them but never ate them. With these ones he was keen to try one and now he still hides them but will go back to eat it after a couple of hours!. I have also given them to my friends dogs and they all love it!

    Archer is a clever boy, he's worked out that our bully sticks are the real deal ;)

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