Treat Talk

What Treats Can My Puppy Eat?
A quick rundown of treats which are safe for your puppy
A Treasure Hunt for Your Dog
How to use scent base enrichment on days when it's too hot to go for a walk
Can Dogs Eat Fish?
ย  ย Is Fish Good For Dogs? ย  Fish is an excellent addition to the diet of your dog. It is an easily digested protein, rich in Omega 3, great for dogs with allergies and good for seniors ย  Can I...
What foods are poisonous for dogs?
There are a few foods which you are likely to have at home which can poison your dog. They have varying levels of toxicity, depending on the amount ingested and the size of your dog, but some can be fatal....
Bully Sticks - What Are They and Why Are They Expensive?
Bully sticks are dehydrated meat treats, sometimes known as pizzle. They are the penis of bulls or steers, and although they are somewhat of a delicacy in some Asian cultures, they are generally considered to be an animal by-product.
Is shark cartilage good for dogs?
Why should you add shark cartilage into your dogs treat selection?
Bone Broth - A Nutritional Powerhouse for Dogs
All about bone broth and how to make it for your dog.
The importance of checking dog treat labels - and how to avoid problems
There cannot be a person in Australia, not even those who never venture out of the cities, who are not aware of the devastation that drought has caused to our farmers, particularly cattle farmers. The dreadful bushfire season in NSW,...
The Ugly Truth About Rawhide and Your Dog's Safety
What is rawhide, and why don't we sell it at Bonza Dog Treats? Read on..