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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Your Dogs Tail
How much notice do you take of your dogs tail? Other than grabbing your drink before it gets swept off the coffee table, you might not have given it much thought. I know when I got my first dog, I didn't...
Is Obesity In Dogs Due To Diet or Lifestyle?
Do Dogs Become Obese Due to Fat In Their Diet? This is an interesting question - it seems logical that eating too much fat makes a body fat. But fat is an essential part of a healthy diet.   Why do...
Why Is Dental Health Important For Dogs?
Why Dog Dental Care Is Essential Looking after your dogs teeth doesn't just stop them from having stinky breath. It contributes to their overall health too. Poor dental health can contribute to diabetes, heart, liver and kidney disease. Whilst dogs...
Why Is Protein So Important For Dogs?
  What are sources of complete protein? Complete proteins are meat, fish, eggs and whole milk. They contain all 10 essential amino acids. Protein is one of the eight building blocks required for a complete diet. Why is protein important?...
Our Favourite Dog Friendly Walk In Jervis Bay
Our favourite dog friendly walk in Jervis Bay is Abrahams Bosum Reserve.
Why Do Puppies Bite Part 2 Bored
There are several reasons why puppies bite, so let's break this down into "bite sized" pieces. 
Why Do Puppies Bite Part 1 - Tired
There are several reasons why puppies bite, so let's break this down into "bite sized" pieces. 
Dog Talk With .....Robyn - Equine & Pet Miracle
We had a chat with Robyn at Equine & Pet Miracle about her business.
My Dog Has Allergies - Will Natural Dog Treats Help?
  Signs of allergies   Does your dog scratch a lot? Does your dog lick and chew his paws? Do his ears smell? Is his skin inflamed, crusty, dry and flaky? Maybe he vomits regularly? Is gassy?  If the answer...
How To Manage Your Dog When You Have Guests
How to set your dog up for success when you have visitors to your home
Top Tips For A Pet Friendly Yard
Our gardens are places to relax, have fun, enjoy a barbeque with friends and family, and somewhere for the 2 and 4 legged kids to let off steam. We want our dogs to be safe in the back yard, able...
Dog Talk With.....Natalie - Art N Kookies
We had a chat with Natalie from Art N Kookies to find out about her and the business.
Dog Talk With.....Emma - Two Oily Ems
We had a chat with Emma at Two Oily Ems about her business.
Train Your Puppy and Keep Him Fit For Life
When you bring your puppy home at 8 weeks old, he is the most adorable little fluff ball. But just like bringing home a baby, it can also be slightly overwhelming. How will you house train him? Will he ever...
Why Dogs Eat Grass
Dog seem to do it a lot, but why? Does it mean anything if your dog is eating grass? What should you do if they are eating grass? There are a few reasons why dogs eat grass, quickly summarised as : Dogs...
7 ways to keep your puppy safe this Christmas.
7 tips on keeping your puppy safe over the Christmas period.
A Refreshing Summer Treat For Your Dog
Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? They certainly can. Most dogs love watermelon, and it's a great thirst quenching treat for them on a hot summers day. Watermelon is actually a really healthy treat to give to your dog, but don't let them...
Dog Talk With.....Hayley Jepson - By Hayley
We had a chat with Hayley from By Hayley to find out about her and the business.
Dog Talk With.....Adam McDonald - Personalised Pet Collars
We had a chat with Adam from Personalised Pet Collars to find out about him and the business.
Dog Talk With.....Allira Fontana - Allira Fontana Photography
We had a chat with Allira from Allira Fontana Photography to find out about her and the business.
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